a sweet awarkening

In a well kept and welcoming location

Our breakfast will surprise you: just look at the happy faces and amazed expression of the other guests when you walk into the breakfast room.

We have a variety of sweet and salty products, fresh fruits, healthy vegetable juices and special foods for those who have allergies and food intolerances and for those are following a particular diet.

You will also discover the joy of starting the day greeted by a good morning and a smile. Our staff's passion for hospitality is contagious: now it is the right time to enjoy it and see for yourself!

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Our healthy and energizing breakfast will give you all the energy you need for starting your working day. Taste our good cereal croissants and homemade cakes!

Do you prefer salty breakfast? Our wide selection of products allows you to choose between salty or sweet brekfast accompanied by the drinks you prefer.

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vegan breakfast

We care about our customers nutritional health: for this reason we have a vegan corner and a dedicated area to products for allergies and celiac disease.

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coffee bar always open

Our coffee bar and the reception desk are always open. The guests who arrive late at night and the guests who leave very early in the morning can enjoy the coffee bar service.

Our coffee bar is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week; on your arrival or on your departure your will get a plesant surprise finding our cafè open for a good coffee, for a cappuccino or for a drink.

We are able to satisfy your every need, thanks to our staff professionalism, competence and experience consolidated over time.

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